Client Experience Matters

We value honest feedback which is why, in November 2016, we conducted an anonymous client satisfaction survey. Ultimately, through proactive and professional advice, we want to give you peace of mind and freedom to make choices, and live your best life.

ITL Financial Planning recently achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 61.4. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a global management tool and a score between -100 to +100 that is used to gauge the loyalty of client relationships.

ITL Financial Planning also achieved an overall client satisfaction rating of 88.8%. This rating is based on client experience across 10 key satisfaction metrics relevant to our profession.

To put ITL Financial Planning’s result into context, Coredata’s research suggests:

  • The financial planning profession average NPS is 10
  • The average NPS of top quartile financial planning firms is between 40-60
  • The NPS for Apple is 47
  • The financial planning profession average overall satisfaction is 80.6%

We get great satisfaction from making a positive difference in our client’s lives. It’s the feedback from our clients that reminds us every day why we love what we do.

Our clients refer

“They were referred to me by a good friend and everything he told me they would do, they do. Hence, I would not and have not hesitated giving their names to people I know.”

I often recommend their services.”

Happy to recommend ITL any time”

“I have previously referred friends who have been very satisfied with their services and financial expertise.”

Our clients trust us

“We trust Nick’s skill and believe he is also very trustworthy – he takes his job very seriously.”

“He is friendly, available and gives me confidence that he has our best interests at heart.”

I no longer worry about looking after my finances

“They have always helped me with issues I have had to deal with since being on my own.”

“A 20 year proven record

“I consider that Nick and Shereen are very competent and understand my financial position/age etc and provide me with good advice in a very timely manner.”

“I have always had confidence in him and my financial situation seems to improve

“They have always provided me with sound financial advice.”

Our clients receive excellent service

“Nick and his team provide excellent service.

They are very intelligent people who know their jobs and what it takes to look after their clients.”

We appreciate the service, prompt response to any queries and advice we have received right through the whole time we have been with Graham, Nick and the team.”

“All our financial matters are handled in a highly efficient manner by very experienced professional individuals.”

Great team, excellent service, sound advice and a pleasure to work with

“I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of the service.”

“I am extremely happy with the help advice and service they have afforded me.”

“We are satisfied with the services we receive and every other aspect within his control.”

“My financial adviser has been in constant communication through phone if I have had any queries and email updates eg. market updates over last few days with US election.”

“We are kept informed and advised on a regular basis and we are happy with the service they provide.”

Trusted adviser who understands our situation and future needs. Very open, clear communication on opportunities / risks associated with our investment strategy. ”

If you want a trusting relationship with an adviser who will look after your financial needs so you can enjoy life, contact us now.